Medicate How You Want, Where You Want, When You Want

Baked Bees Medicated Honey is the perfect edible medical cannabis product to take on the go. With no added fats or oils, Baked Bees Medicated Honey flows right out of the bottle so you can enjoy it how you want, when you want. Try it in your morning oatmeal with fresh blueberries, mixed in a cup of tea, or enjoy it with a nice cheese plate. It's up to you. Live your medicated lifestyle with Baked Bees

Baked Bees 1:1 CBD/THC 50/50 Medicated Honey. Awarded by High Times Cannabis Cup for Best CBD Edibles, our CBD/THC treats a variety of conditions without all the high of THC


Baked Bees Original Medicated Honey. First on the roster, this bear is the one that started it all. Local Organic Honey infused with our own Medical Cannabis extract.


Awarded By High Times Cannabis Cup Best CBD Edible 

Baked Bees Medicated Honey was awarded 3rd place by High Times Cannabis Cup for Best CBD Edibles. Our 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC is a perfect way to get all the benefits of high CBD balanced with Low THC. Also featured in High Times Magazine Article 5 Tasty Ways to Use Weed Honey by Elise McDonough and as one of the 20 Amazing Californian Cannabis Edibles



Baked Bees Artisan Edition. We infuse our honey with some of the finest top shelf and solvent free extracts to provide you a honey experience like no other. Voted top 11 Edibles High Times Magazine. 



With a focus on healthy, natural and sustainable ingredients, Baked Bees Edibles are the patients choice. 

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